The production and distribution of high-quality, safe and effective pharmaceuticals is the imperative of Farmavita’s operations. In order to ensure this, in 2010 the investment cycle of constructing and equipping production and control-analytical capacities was successfully brought to a close. We thereby ensured optimal production and laboratory spaces and installed state of the art equipment all in accordance with the highest global standards of quality, guidelines of the FDA, the EU and internationally acknowledged good production practices in the pharmacutical industry. Production is done on state of the art equipment and the processes are validated. A modern, fully-equiped production plant on three levels ensures an annual capacity of 18 million packages.

Pharmaceutical Wholesaler

Farmavita d.o.o. Sarajevo, established in 1991, is one of the first privately owned pharmaceutical wholesalers in the countries of the former Yugoslavia and since its formation has occupied a significant market position in the large scale sale of pharmaceuticals and storage services. For almost twenty years, Farmavita has been successful thanks to, above all, the quality and scale of business operations, a professional and ethical relation toward its business partners, and its attention and loyalty to its customers.
We offer more than 8000 items from leading global pharmaceutical producers which we distribute in BH on a daily basis.